Types of Air Ventilation System for Home and What They Offer!

As technology is improving day by day, nowadays, in almost every home, people have installed heat insulation. In most of the regions, the government has obliged everyone to install heat insulation around their houses as an initiative to go green. However, when you have installed insulation, the air inside your home gets trapped, and over time, it gets contaminated with pollutants and dampness. These pollutants and dampness can cause several diseases to the occupants and mould growth in the house as well. Installing an air ventilation system for home can help your avoid these diseases and mould growth.

There are several types of systems available in the market, and you can choose one according to your requirements. Here are a few of them and how they work.

Exhaust Ventilation Systems:

These type of systems use depressurizing technology, which reduces the inside air pressure and extract it from the house. Once the air is exhausted out, fresh air from the outside comes in from leaks in the building or passive vents.

Supply Ventilation Systems:

This types of systems work opposite to the exhaust ventilation systems. They pressurise the indoor air and bring in fresh air from the outside. The stale air from inside the building exhausts through leaks of passive vents.

Balanced Ventilation Systems:

These ventilation systems are considered better than the above mentioned as they neither pressurise nor depressurise the air. They withdraw the air by themselves and bring in the fresh air from the outside.

Energy Recovery Systems:

Energy recovery systems work the same as a balanced ventilation system. However, they have an extra feature of recovering the energy from the stale air going out and transferring it to the fresh air coming in. This feature makes them the best air ventilation system for home among all, and they can be uses in any house for a better experience.

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