Explore The Depths Of Guilin With China Southern Airlines

Guilin is undoubtedly one of the hidden gems in China. You can explore it this year with China Southern Airlines by adding the following to your to-visit list.

Guilin, located in the province of Guangxi, on the banks of the famous Li River is considered the most beautiful city in China. The region’s many Karst hills create magical landscapes and make Guilin a must-see in the Middle Kingdom and on a tour of China.

In this guide, we will tell you how to visit the Guilin area while you’re visiting it with China Southern Airlines. This guide will allow you to discover enchanting landscapes and make the most of your stay by the Li River.

Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave is not very far from the city center as it’s only about six kilometers. Do not expect to play budding cavers. The Reed Flute Cave has been landscaped and illuminated, but the rock formations remain really impressive and are, in the end, well highlighted. The highlight of the visit is the Crystal Palace of the Dragon King, a huge room with a body of water where the rock formations are reflected from the ceiling, all very well highlighted by the lighting.

It is clearly a must-see place of interest in Guilin! This type of arrangement in caves is quite common in China, there are several of the same style scattered all over the country, Chinese tourists love it!

Bamboo Raft

A good complement or alternative to the Li River cruise is to go bamboo raft on the Yulong River. The landscapes are just as beautiful, but there are a lot fewer people, and the activity lasts about 1.5 hours. If you don’t have too much time, as your China Southern Airlinestrip is short then this is the perfect option! You can undoubtedly explore both if you want to as it’s also completely possible as well.


Yangshuo is the city of mass tourism in the region. If you are not allergic to the world, go for a walk on the side of West street, the city’s shopping street. You will find shops, restaurants, and good street food there! If you are going to buy souvenirs, shop around, and above all haggle, this is a very common practice in China. In the evening, you should attend the Impression Liu Sanjie sound and light show, directed by filmmaker Zhang Yimou which takes place on the Li River.

It’s a bit expensive depending on the seat category, but this grandiose show which brings together more than 600 extras for more than an hour is well worth them! There are two performances per evening. Yangshuo and its surroundings are also the starting point for five to eight new activities.


It’s one of the most authentic, lovable yet less visited places in the whole of China that can take you to another world. We advise you to spend at least one night there, in order to be able to enjoy it. Stroll on the quays, enjoy the market, and take a little tour of the old town before going to the must-see site of Xingping.

It’s the viewpoint that is engraved on the 20 yuan banknotes. As its name suggests, it is the panorama with the three hills and the river.

Xianggong Hill

Among the many viewpoints that dot the river, Xianggong Hill is certainly the most beautiful and the most impressive. It is therefore very popular with photographers and countless photographers reach this point every year by booking airline tickets to China!

Located about thirty km north of Yangshuo and 200m above the valley, on the east bank of the Li River, Xianggong hill will reward those who have climbed the steps leading to its summit with a magnificent view of the surrounding landscapes! It is the perfect place to see the sunrise.

Jinkeng and Longji rice fields

Yuanyang, in southern Yunnan, and those of Longji and Jinkeng also called Longshen rice fields, from the name of the district in which they are located, are 100km north of Guilin city. From Guilin, you will take between 1h30 and 2h to reach the rice fields.

The braided rice fields extend over an 800m vertical drop, between 300 and 1100m in altitude, and it is possible to hike in the rice fields between the villages of Ping-An and Dazhai. Allow around 5 hours of walking, take your time, and enjoy the magnificent landscapes available to you!

The excursion is feasible for the day from Guilin, but we advise you to stay there at least one night and to take advantage of the following day to visit the 8 villages of Chengyang and its famous Bridge of the Wind and the Rain.

Chengyang Bridge

Subsequent to visiting the rice fields, don’t miss a visit to the 8 towns of Chenyang, which are the ideal illustration of a provincial and valid China. The hike will take you from one village to another, passing bridges and rice fields, with the wind and rain bridge also called Chenyang Bridge as a highlight.

The 8 villages you will pass through are:

  • Ma’an.
  • Pingzhai.
  • Yanzhai.
  • Chengyang-Dazhai.
  • Pingpu.
  • Pingtan.
  • Jichang.
  • Guandong.

There you have it all, these points and places must not be skipped if you are planning your trip to China soon with China Southern Airlines.

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