How to Excavation for House Foundation

It doesn’t matter how amazing your newly designed home is if it was built on a poor foundation. Excavation is the most important part of the home to make a strong base.

Every building site comes with its characteristics and the site must be ready for the foundation. Without proper excavation for house foundation, the base of your new home may not be all it needs to be. Here are some of the important things you may consider during the excavation of your home.

Steps of Excavation for House Foundation

Site Clearing

The first step in the process is often clearing the construction site. In this step, we have to remove any unwanted trees and other plants, along with rocks and boulders. Tree stumps will also be removed and vegetation should be cut down to the proper height.

Home Site Staking

Once the construction site has been cleared, a home site can be staked to show where the foundation will be placed and the home will be built. Usually, this includes placing four-pointers in the four corners of the future home. Then, a square measurement will be taken and the length and width will be verified.

Layout Design

After staking out the site, building experts will design the layout of the home including plans for patios, planters, steps, walkways, and other structures. This helps to give you a general idea of where everything will go and how it will all fit onto the site.

Preparing the Site for Building

Excavation will also include digging out the areas pointed to ensure vegetation is removed and proper drainage is added. Builders may place Footers around the slab of the foundation and other steps may be taken, such as digging a trench below the frost line.

Slab Support Material and Drainage

Laying the proper gravel down can make a difference in the whole procedure. Here the builders can place drainage pipes and make sure the home construction site is level before laying the base.

Digging Sewer Drainage Trenches

Builders must also be dug for the sewer drainage pipes. It is an important step in the process as the sewer drainage pipes are necessary to the excavation process.

Excavating the Driveway

While the home construction site must be excavated for the foundation, the driveway place also needs to be excavated. This includes cutting of trees, boulders, shrubs, and other plants, etc. Often, gravel will be used to reach the pointed place to reach desired height and level. In addition, the excavators will ensure the driveway place is created and drainage is considered.

While the excavation process does include laying the foundation, it’s an important step to intricate than just digging a place and pouring some concrete. The process involved setting up all the proper drainage, laying sewer pipes, and other important steps. It’s the most important part of the home building process as you must have a long-lasting and strong foundation for your home.

If the excavation for house foundation process isn’t properly done, it can lead to other issues in the future. Make sure you choose a home builder willing to check the excavation process is done correctly. With a strong and long-lasting foundation, your new home can stand the test of time.

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