Target the Enemy, Eliminate the Threat!

The Bird control services in Sydney offer the residents the best techniques to keep birds out of their homes or business. Most of the birds, common or rare, don’t like the presence of humans in their habitat. They are also troublesome for humans.

People have no other option if they are helpless to solve this problem. They must seek assistance from professional bird control companies in their area.

Bird control services in Sydney

The food production facilities, restaurants, hospitals, commercial buildings, and homes need and seek bird control and repelling techniques by qualified pest control specialists. The birds are not only dangerous to the image of businesses and properties, but they also transmit several harmful diseases. Besides bird removal, we also do bird pest control.

Pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and Indian Myna birds are in the northwest suburbs of Sydney. Instead of harming birds, we aim to repel them. The birds are an integral part of our world. We appreciate that, but they are not a vital part of our homes or businesses.

Is bird control something you need?

Birds usually spend their time close to their nesting grounds and are relatively easy to identify. Nesting in groups is common in some species but rare in others. Usually, nesting areas are inside a building or roof structure. However, they can also exist outside the building in a sheltered area, such as a roof overhang.

Below a nesting area, it is common to find bird droppings, feathers, eggshells, and nesting materials such as dried grass. Moreover, nuisance birds create an unattractive appearance when selling or leasing a property.

Call ASRS pest control today to get rid of them and clean up your property. Get in touch for ASRS bird control services in Sydney @ 042 303 2020 · 1300277700 ·

For what reasons Bird removal is necessary?

The following reasons may lead to a need for Bird Removal:

Birds throughout the day create unsightly nests on a business’s exterior and defecate it. In addition, to clog gutters, these nests can also damage air conditioners. A building’s exterior finish and parked cars can be damaged and stained by drippings.

Bird droppings can carry several serious diseases, including Aspergillosis, Encephalitis, Salmonellosis, and Histoplasmosis.

Birds carry at least seven ectoparasites like mites, lice, ticks and fleas that transmit diseases to humans. The contaminant would spread, and also the stored products would be lost if birds gained access to and fed on them.

During the bird breeding seasons, birds might become aggressive and attack homeowners, customers and employees.

Methods for eradicating and removing birds as pests

We at ASRS use a variety of methods to guarantee successful bird control. An elimination strategy for birds depends on the specific situation and will require a phone call and inspection.

A bird scarer is an installation using Eagle EyeTM technology. This technology is effective for bird removal in large areas, like hospitals. The harmless relocation of birds is a preference over extermination. Therefore reflected beams of light irritate the birds, making them struggle to fly or land. Bird spikes, another deterrent measure made from stainless steel or polycarbonate, are also effective. It discourages birds from perching or nesting on ledges, gable walls, and air conditioning units.

A measure to prevent Birds from entering buildings or roofs is by using physical barriers such as netting or building materials. These nets are often visible above our local train platforms, right above where we stand.

Where bird infestations are severe within roof voids, work closely with roof cleaning professionals. We perform a complete cleaning, vacuuming, and sanitizing of the roof space after the bird removal.

Contact us today to discuss your bird control problems. We can advise you on the most cost-effective and safest method of removing them from your home or workplace. Our services extend to all areas in Sydney | Parramatta | Liverpool | Auburn | Bankstown | Blacktown | Penrith | Burwood | Hills District | Seven Hills | Kings Park.

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