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Pest Control Services In the Hills District Delivers the Best and most Reliable Results

Pest control services are an essential need of any home maintenance. ASRS Pest Control services in the Hills District is your destination when you have unwanted insects in your home or business.

Something out of sight isn’t always out of mind. Pests such as roaches, rodents, and ants can be more than just a nuisance – they may pose a hazard to your health and the structure of your house. Our company can provide the comfort of being able to help protect your home from pest problems today and in the future.

A Reliable Pest Exterminator is a Solution to the Pest Issue

Having routine Pest Control Services in the Hills District all year round is the best way to keep pests away from your home, no matter what time of year it is. The solution to keeping them away is not a one-time thing. For this reason, our pest control specialists provide year-round pest control services in the Hills District that guarantee your home is completely free of pests.

Your ASRS pest control experts are highly trained and equipped to find and eradicate pests causing current and future infestations by utilizing our innovative technology.Your Pest Control expert will determine the pests in your home or commercial property and put together a strategy to address typical infestations like termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and much more.

It is why we are the perfect exterminator in the Hills District. Get in touch today to get your free no-obligation estimate!

Residential Pest Control Services in the Hills District

Many problems we have with creepy crawlies and pests are a nuisance, yet some can trigger real health-related problems or damage to your home. Our expert team can effectively manage pests that enter the house. Certain pests can lead to illness or the spread of disease, and some spider bites may cause death.

We offer simple and affordable pest control services in the Hills District for residential properties. Our friendly, experienced, and certified pest control professionals comprehensively evaluate your home and yard to discover any potential problems. We know where spiders, insects, rodents, and other pests prefer to live and hide, so we’ll identify these locations. Then we’ll provide you with a fully customized pest control treatment plan that removes your present pests and prevents future issues.

Commercial Pest Control Services in the Hills District

Since we began offering pest control services to businesses, we have always been focused on the needs of our business customers.It is an important, long-term experience that can truly make a difference.

Today, our expert Commercial and Business Division operates behind the scenes at most well-known establishments to guarantee a safe, pest-free environment for personnel and consumers alike.

There is no doubt that we provide the most effective and highest quality pest control services in Hills District. No matter what your business needs, you should not trust your valuable operation and reputation to anyone but a proven and tested, professional pest manager.

Eco-friendly Exterminator

We don’t use sprays and other products that badly affect Mother Earth compared with other pest control businesses. The primary reason for working with environment-friendly pest control and management solutions is the respect we behold for the world around us. Choosing ASRS Pest Control services in the Hills District means that you can rest assured that our techniques can harm neither you nor your family, nor the environment.

Trusted fumigation services

Expert pest control is always collaborative between homeowners and pest control experts. Our services are highly efficient, but only if the homeowner does their best to limit “Pest-Friendly Environments.” We use the best fumigation procedures to guarantee your home is clear of all kinds of pests. We offer world-class and affordable pest control services in The Hills District because our experts are trained and have years of experience.

Please do not search for a pest control company near me anymore. Call us now for a free quote!

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Inspection of buildings and pests throughout Sydney

Pest inspection services in Sydney have a wide range of uses for the property owner and the pest control company.

Pest inspection services in Sydney benefits property owners find out if they have any pests on their property. This information is particularly useful when looking to sell the house or unit. It also helps them identify where those pests are, so they know what needs to be done to get rid of them.

Pest inspection services in Sydney can also help companies improve their business practices. The service provides an inside look at how their properties are being used, which indicates how well-maintained those properties are and how well-attended certain building areas are by employees or customers.

Building and pest inspections are part of our comprehensive inspection services. These inspections are available throughout Sydney, including Penrith and Blacktown. Combined inspections are popular because they cover both pest infestations and defects in buildings.

Timber pests destroy one out of every five homes in Sydney. By eating away at roofs, walls and floors, these menacing pests can lead to structural weakness, which leads to accidents. Due to this, we have repeat clients who have their homes inspected by us annually.

The risk of termite infestation is HIGH in all timbers

Pests that inhabit Timber include:

• Termites

• Wood borers.

• Micro-organisms that cause wood rot and timber decay.

Commonly impacted (and thus, weakened) Timber includes:

• Roofs and ceilings.

• Walls including structural, non-structural Timber and drywall.

• Flooring.

• Door Frames.

• Indoor and outdoor chairs and furniture.

• Internal and external stairs.

• Decks.

Inspections for building and pests may reveal which of the following?

The Climate conditions in Sydney are moist, warm and support pests to survive and even flourish. An expert, licensed, and trustworthy inspector must conduct a thorough building and pest inspection.

Inspecting pests for these aspects are the three most important:

  1. If there is any evidence of previous termite treatment or termite damage.

2. If there is any evidence of Timber bore damage.

3. There is evidence of rot in the wood.

You must thoroughly investigate all three factors to avoid dangerous conditions in wood structures such as rotten timber balconies, steps, railings, etc.

For Sydney buyers, here are some recommendations for pre-purchase inspections:

Make sure you get a pre-purchase inspection before you sign a contract. If you have committed to purchasing a property and still have a cooling-off period remaining, you need to schedule a pest and building inspection as soon as possible. Often the property vendors arrange such building inspections when they sell their properties. Some buyers opt to arrange an independent pest inspection for their peace of mind. Keeping your home free of pests can save you both time and money.

When performing a pest inspection, what equipments are utilized?

Equipment and test instruments used during pest inspections include:

Moisture meters.


Thermal imaging cameras.

Sounding equipment.

Listening devices.

1. Moisture meters

By using moisture meters, you can figure out the dampness of walls or building structures. They can detect leaks and moisture in walls and buildings too. It is not only that moisture attracts pests. But it can also indicate that damp areas, mould, or fungi are growing.

2. Borescopes

Using borescopes, pest inspectors can see what is happening inside walls and other enclosed spaces.

3. Thermal imaging cameras

Your pest inspector will be able to pinpoint temperature fluctuations accurately if he scans the property with a thermal imaging camera. They will be able to locate damp areas as well. There may be some causes for a place to attract moisture, including poor construction, prior damage, worn out seals, and more.

4. Sounding equipment

Damaged wood or Timber comes to notice using sound equipment throughout the house. It is another non-invasive option to help you determine what’s going on in your walls, ceilings, roof cavities, and under the floor.

5. Listening devices

Listening devices can tell if pests are active by the sound they make. Experienced and well-trained pest inspectors can use this technology. An expert can identify and investigate termites and other pests through their ear.

When the inspection is over, what happens?

If the inspection was successful, the customer gets the following information:

Pests identified and their summaries.

A recommended plan of effective pest management

A property’s structural integrity and structural components

Inspections for buildings and pests are using the newest technology and testing instruments so that you receive a comprehensive analysis of the property. From their report, you can make an informed choice on prioritizing repairs, maintenance and any pest treatments that may require. If you are looking to purchase a property, knowing what is going on beyond eyesight can save you thousands.

We are engaged in protecting you and your family from pests

These pest control services in Hills District are so popular because by curbing their pests, they help residents and business owners enjoy peace of mind to its fullest potential.

A commercial company cannot function without pest control. Restaurants, hotels, and hospitals can suffer from severe pest infestations. The presence of these insects can lead to disease transmission. In addition to destroying a building, they can also cause significant and costly damage to walls, floors, and even a structure’s interior.

A pest control service is also necessary for residential assets from time to time. It is typically performed in an emergency to stop the pest infestation. The problem is that homeowners and landowners often overlook pest control, even though pests can cause severe damage, cost, and health risks.

We have an outstanding reputation as being among the best service providers of pest control services in the Hills District. Our expertise has allowed us to serve clients from all over Australia for many years now. We are perpetually striving to prove ourselves in providing the best services to our customers.

Effectively removing pests

Taking steps to control pests around your property is best to prevent pests from damaging your building. You can prevent a terrible disease from spreading into your building if you can avoid critics from entering. The Asrs pest control helps you accomplish this. Hill District residents must control pests.

Pest prevention methods that are safe

Controlling insects is a way of preventing them from spreading diseases. Bird watchers covering the stove and rat nets, poisoning and laying rat nets are examples of it. A good pest control technician will explain all the options that depend on your property and pest problem to find a solution that works for you.

Pest management includes considering pet and child presence. There are many safe ways to control pests that can be highly effective, from sound alarms to human traps without endangering your family.

Sydney’s Hills District is likely to have the following pests:

● Termites

● Cockroaches

● Ants

● Moths

● Spiders

● Rats and mice

It is not an exhaustive list. Additionally, we can help with significant pests in various situations, such as removing or preventing common insect infestations and rat infections. We can assist with both invasive and native species.

A pest control company for the Hills District

Pest control is available from Asrs pest control company to Hills District residents. ASRS Pest control services in Hills District serve both residential and commercial customers. We provide pest control services to both businesses and residents. In addition to excellent results and competitive prices, you can trust in friendly, compassionate service when you hire us to eradicate pests or remove infections.

The Hills District, Sydney, and other areas require pest control measures. Insects serve a beneficial role in the environment. Nevertheless, if they threaten our family or business, we must take action. They live alongside humans but are a danger and a health risk most of the time.

To treat pests comprehensively, the ASRS pest control company has specialists needed. You can thus contact Asrs Pest Control if local experts are required to handle the pest problem.

Our experts adhere strictly to Australian Pest Management Rules and are licensed and experienced professionals. Quality service is our priority. Hence, we pride ourselves on delivering friendly, affordable, dependable, and long-lasting pest eradication solutions.

Providing the Deluxe Pest Control Package is one of our most incredible pride. We carefully designed our packages to meet your specific needs, which makes them unique and yet practical.

We offer termite control, rodent control (rats, mice, and possums), bee control, litter control, spider control, bird lice removal, bed bug removal, and insect removal, among many other services.

Pest Control Services in Hills District. We specialize in pest control, and we offer an extensive range of services throughout the year. Call us today for a free estimate! We can be reached 042 303 2020, 1300 277 700 or visit our website: https://asrspest.com.au/  to experience best pest control services in Hills District.

Feel the freedom of a home without birds!

The bird control services in Sydney are a great way for you to overcome the nuisance of birds. These services can eliminate the presence of birds from your property and make it a peaceful place to live.

We offer a variety of bird control services in the greater Sydney areas nearby.

We think of birds as pretty, harmless creatures. Pest birds destroy the beauty of our natural environment by droppings that spread diseases and disturb our peace by their loud vocalizations and damage homes and property.

The occasional visit from birds to your property is not particularly concerning. When you see an increase in insect activity on your property or you observe several birds living there, you have a bird infestation.

 It is also possible to have a bird infestation if you observe increased insect activity or numerous birds that seem to be staying on your property. The presence of birds will cause fleas, flies, cockroaches, and even mice to exist.

Although birds may seem harmless, they transmit more than 60 diseases, including salmonellosis and encephalitis. Moreover, they are a threat to an individual’s health and can be detrimental to your business.

During the breeding season while protecting their young birds can become aggressive and attack employees and customers.

Whether you expel the bird and encourage them to find a new home or monitor the situation and prevent it from happening again, you should ensure that birds don’t nest on your property.

Besides endangering an individual’s health, they can also put your business at risk. Early detection and effective deterrent procedures from expert pest controllers are crucial to eliminating a bird infestation.

Services for Bird Control in Sydney

Bird control services are an essential part of many people’s lives. With the increase in the number of bird species, it is has become an issue for homeowners to take care of their birds.

We are bird control specialists offering the best services in Sydney. If you are looking for a bird control company to repel your birds’ problems, you can always call us at 042 303 2020, 1300 277700 or book an online appointment at https://asrspest.com.au/

We are one of the most recognized bird control companies in Sydney with years of experience and training. We understand that birds can be a nuisance, but our expert bird control services will get rid of them for good. We provide excellent customer service and affordable prices for our service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority

Experts with a wealth of experience and training

 Providing pest control services to over 10,000 customers

Affordable Services with Quality

Bookings and services available the same day

Service that is definitely on time.

Providing Long-Lasting Pest Control Services.

Pest control services offer a wide range of characteristics and benefits for residents of Sydney. They help users enjoy a quality living environment and keep their homes, property, and pets safe from pests like rats, roaches, ants, termites, and mice.

Providing bird control services in Sydney is always a popular choice for homeowners. For residents who live near parks or green spaces that attract birds, it can be tiring and tough to manage the bird population by themselves. With this in mind, they hire pest control services to help them manage the bird population around their properties.

The popularity of pest control services has grown steadily over time as more people have turned towards the benefits these services offer for personal safety and quality living environments.

Count on us to cover you!

For Birds Removal extermination services at a competitive price, look no further than ASRS pest control company. We provide the best quality pest control services.

Trustworthy quality!

Providing you with a guarantee for extra peace of mind is one of our many commitments at Bug-Free. We guarantee complete bird removal from your home with highly skilled and experienced pest controllers. Exterminating your home’s Birds Removal will take our highly skilled and experienced pest control specialists.

Expert Pest Control Services in the Hills District Sydney

Pest Control Services in the Hills district can lead to a smooth and healthy lifestyle. Hills District, Sydney is no different from other locations in the world, where pest control is essential to residential and commercial properties. Ultimately, every species of pest has a necessary function in the environment. However, if they become a threat to our family and business, we will need to act.

The animals live alongside humans, but they often pose health risks. There are several steps involved in pest treatment that require the expertise of pest control experts. ASRS Pest Control is the best choice if you need local professionals to solve a pest problem. Suppose you suffer from pest infestation contact us at 042 303 2020, 1300 277 700. You can expect our professionals to inspect your home or business in Hills District and provide Pest Control Services in the Hills District once they arrive.

Following Australian regulations on pest management, our experts are licensed and experienced professionals. The service we provide our clients is of the highest calibre and top-notch. Therefore, our team is committed to solving pest infestation problems on a friendly, affordable, trusted, reliable, and lasting basis.

Our deluxe pest control package is a pride of ours. To address your specific requirements, we carefully designed packages that are both special and practical.

Among the many types of pests, we can eliminate termites (rats, mice, and possums), cockroaches, bees, wasps, spiders, bird lice, bedbugs, moths, and many others. The scope of our services includes end of lease pest control and strata management, as well as crawling and flying pests.

Pests inhabit the Hills District of Sydney.

Sadly, Hills District residents have been confronted with a wide range of pests. Pests most commonly found in homes include rats, mice, termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, and moths. In residential and business areas, they are all annoying, inconvenient, hazardous, and a threat to health.

The Hill District of Sydney is home to rats and mice

Is your Hills District property infested with rats and mice? Is an exterminator needed? Trying to find a pest expert to help you get rid of rats and mice?

The Hills District is probably infested with rodents, and you are one of the victims. In truth, you want to eradicate them once and for all.

If you have already done all your DIY (Do It Yourself) efforts to stop these pests, you might already have done all you can to prevent them. In addition to keeping them away from your home or business, make sure they are not in the neighbourhood. However, none of these DIY solutions has completely eradicated the problem.

Our firm understands that these pests are among the filthiest and most stubborn of infestations. The fact is that they are so dangerous, they pose a fire hazard and many health concerns.

In unfortunate cases, rats are known to bite any material, including electric wires, resulting in fire. Salmonellosis and leptospirosis they carry also cause fatal infectious diseases. Additionally, they are known to have a variety of pests.

Other annoying pests like lice and ticks have been associated with rats and mice, so they are also hosts for those pesky insects.

The rodent is a clever animal. For instance, it can escape traps and baits. Rodent experts can only administer the most effective treatments for getting rid of them after strategic planning.

The Hills District of Sydney Is a Cockroach Haven?

The Hills District is more prone to cockroaches than other wetter regions. The climate in this region is oceanic, and it has more rainfall than other Sydney regions. Thus, this creates a perfect environment for cockroach infestation.

Cockroaches found a perfect haven in Hills District, where its warmest temperature never exceeds 22 °C (71.6 °F). To avoid unimaginable property and health damage, we require to treat cockroach infestations immediately through effective treatment. Their danger lies in the fact that they eat anything and may contaminate our food. A large infestation of these insects can cause serious health problems, as well as damage the property.

If you see any signs of cockroaches on your property, contact ASRS Pest Control – your trusted and most reliable pest control company providing expert Pest Control Services in the Hills District.

How come is it essential to hire pest inspection services in Sydney?

Are you relocating? Are you looking for a new house? You must be wondering what requirements you need? Once your new home has been cleaned, furnished to meet your standards and the basic needs have been taken care of, you will be able to move in.

Just a moment. Something’s missing, aren’t you? Were pests inspected for your new house?

Pest inspection services in Sydney ensure you make the best choice in buying a property.

Usually found in corners or other concealed areas of the home, pests are tiny insects. Even before settling into your new home, you may already have mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, etc., in the house.

When moving to a new house or apartment, the last thing you want is to find your clothes and bed infested with bugs or that your kitchen is full of cockroaches. To guarantee that your new property is pest-free before you move in, you must hire a Pest Inspection company.

A new home pest inspection service can offer you many advantages.

You can rest assured that your new home is pest-free and that you can move in safely and comfortably, knowing that unwanted guests did not welcome you. A professional pest control technician can check for pests in your new property.

You will likely regret not taking care of this issue on time or ignoring it shortly, as the situation may worsen through time, and you may be forced to spend more money fixing it. It will save you both time and money to hire a pest inspection & control service before moving into your new home.

Keeping up with pest inspections is a big part of moving into a new home.

Make it happen as soon as possible.

Before you purchase a new home, it is highly recommended that the building be inspected. However, the majority of first-time homebuyers fail to take this step and end up buying a pest-infested house. However, you can always have the home examined before moving in.

As you move into a new house, it’s essential to take care of the pests since they can cause considerable damage to the property and your health. Along with letting you know about the pest problem in advance, you’ll be able to take proper action before it becomes a problem.

Make the price more affordable.

Identifying the problem ahead of time may allow you to get a good discount on your new home’s price if pest control is needed. If pest inspection technicians find that the home requires pest control, the seller will reconsider the property price.

Make the best deal by avoiding highly pest infested property!

Property infestation is one of the most common problems in real estate. The problem will always exist, especially when you are buying property in a newly built area. You can prevent property infestations by hiring an expert pest inspector to solve the problem once and for all.

If the problem with the property is that it currently has a pest infestation and may develop over time. It will probably grow to epidemic proportions without your input. Perhaps you can do something now to reduce the risk before the infestation has a chance to spread?

Pest inspection, though it has an undeniable worth, is a costly and time-consuming process. If you can identify the problem at an early stage in a property that you were planning to buy, it’s well and good because it’s easy to control the pest problem at an early stage.

However, if your pest inspection technicians find that the problem is too bad or there has been too much damage already done, it’s wise to avoid the deal rather than regretting later. The absence of an effective preventive control program can lead to substantial pest problems within a few months. Careful

A professional pest inspection service will catch the problem for you before it becomes a problem.

When you hire a professional pest control company, they will do the work for you and ensure your new home is completely free of pests. Governments also license them to perform these same duties, which makes them safe.

A pest control company should come with a strong background, a wealth of knowledge, and professional skills. They also have years of experience to pass on, so you can rest assured that you deal with pests on a solid foundation.

Doing it yourself is messy, so you must hire a professional for a pest inspection service in Sydney.

ASRS is a local pest control company in Sydney. We take pride in our reputation for meeting and exceeding all pest control services and pest inspection services in Sydney for residential and commercial properties, including homes. We have extensive experience in the pest control of houses for various pests and insects, including ants, bees, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, and others.

Contact us at 042 303 2020, 1300 2777 00, and schedule your first pest inspection for your residential or commercial building in Sydney.

Possums Removal services in Sydney!

A contribution to the introduction of Possums!

Possum removal in Sydney has caught much attention as possums have caused a host of domestic and health issues. There is a need to acquire knowledge regarding Hours of black creatures who physically inhabit roofs, ceilings and parks across the globe, and they reproduce and multiply so readily. A large percentage of them are present inside private house walls and spare rooms, and they can survive in different environments. Furthermore, they eat whatever they can get modestly and easily.

In this regard, these creatures should be viewed as pests because their character is to intentionally harm your house by cutting wires, damaging roof shields, and polluting with their feces and urine. Getting rid of Possums requires professional possum removal services in Sydney.

When Possums enter your residence, they are identifiable and sensed upon entering. You may undoubtedly confuse the sounds they make with the sounds made by mice and rats since the noises they make are so similar. Possums can keep you awake at night, as well as leave feces lying around-an an indication of health problems.

Having a complete possum live inside of your house is regarded as the greatest threat to your assets, owing to their extreme destructive abilities. You should be cautious about abandoning possums, as they belong to a sheltered class. The best thing to do is to rely on professionals to handle these pest control issues for you, to prevent yourself from getting injured or making other such problems arise. As such, hiring a professional possum removal service is the best remedy for this problem.

Physical Description of Possums:

During the summer, possums are larger than cats in the area.

An elongated head, a pointed nose, a relaxed moustache, and large ears distinguish this species.

This mammal has bushy and woolly hair, which is usually brown but may have some black streaks as well.

This animal has a thick, long tail and loud nails, which it uses for grooming and climbing trees.

A Lifecycle view:

Pouched animals, possums are brought to life in pouches by females.

The newborn possum finds its way into the mother’s pouch after 17 days of growth in the wintertime.

The young ones stay in their pouches for up to 5 months before they are attached to their mother’s spine for more than two months.

It usually takes Possums ten months to fully grown-up, although they are still not at the age of sexual maturity until about one year after they have their first young.

Common Behaviours of Possums:

Except when they are upbringing, Possums are solitary animals that prefer to stay in the interior of their own ‘range’, where they cascade branches of wood with an odour emitted from secretors on their bodies.

Jungles and woodlands, trees and under shrubs, grass masses, and even roofs of houses are common nesting places.

It is difficult to see Possums during the day because they are dark creatures.

A possum eats almost anything, including greenflies, berries and bark of plants. They can cause huge damage to vegetation and wildlife, eating greenery and berries from plants while breaking their bark. Besides bird eggs and undeveloped birds, possums will also eat farmed harvests and insects such as flies.

Blowing out of Tb in cows and deer is categorized as a possum disease in some countries.

A Possum is inherently an Australian, Sulawesi, and New Guinea species, but it was then introduced to New Zealand in the early nineteenth century.

Australian Sustainable resource solution is the best possum removal services in Sydney.

A high level of customer service is important to us. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians can provide you with an end-to-end solution to achieve this goal. As industry leaders, we provide the best possible customer experience using the most environmentally friendly and eco-friendly techniques.

Our customers’ foremost concern is to remove the possums or rats as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible, so they won’t return while being reassured that we provide you with customer support throughout the process.

The Management of Bird Pests during the Covid Era and Bird Control Services in Sydney!

Take Bird control services in Sydney to manage your pests; so they do not endanger the health and safety of those you love, others and yourself.

Covid-19 was not a bird-borne virus strain, but it came from a rodent which in some regions was a pest. These facts should send a strong message. It goes without saying that bird pest control falls under all of this. Your tangible and intangible assets are both protected when you secure your property from pest birds.

In a pandemic, bird pest control services in Sydney; by ASRS PEST CONTROL makes perfect sense. As a COVID-19-certified service provider, we ensure that all our services are safe and sanitary executions.

Your property will be free from pest birds by the ASRS PEST CONTROL team. As a result of our proven methods, you can expect a truly safe, clean and pest-free environment. To ensure your health and that of your loved ones, this is a vital step.


It’s no secret that birds are marvellous creatures that we all adore. Roosting sites for certain species of birds often appear in public spaces, particularly in areas with regular human traffic and food sources.

Our health is at risk due to their presence. These contaminants are a result of droppings, carcasses and nests, among other factors. Among the pest birds found in Australia are pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and Indian mynas.

Controlling pest birds is met with some reluctance. Despite their importance to biodiversity, pest birds are hard to eradicate. Therefore, there should be an understanding that bird pest control is not inhumane. It applies to a variety of options. If you hire the right team of pest control professionals, you can effectively and humanely control birds. Find out more today by contacting ASRS.


The presence of pest birds on your property, your customers, your employees, and even your family poses risks when left uncontrolled.

There is the risk of people getting sick and losing income/revenue if food stock, raw materials, and finished products become contaminated.

Bird droppings can accumulate on your property and cause damage to things such as roofing systems and gutters. A bird attack occurs during the breeding season when their nest or heirlooms are at risk or under attack. A person may be under attack at work, in the home or by a loved one.

Bird droppings can cause people to slip and fall on your property, compromising the safety of your building. If you are negligent, you could face liability.

You make your business look bad in the eyes of customers by keeping pest birds around. Many customers have the perception that birds are unhygienic.


It is inadvisable to have too many pest birds nest on or roost in your property. Although you love birds, if they flock to your property in large numbers, you won’t like them as much.

 Besides compromising the integrity of your property, these pests also compromise the health of the people living there, and they threaten your business or income-generating capabilities.

Pest bird infestation symptoms include the following. Seeing any of these signs indicates you should call a bird pest control company.

  • Inhabiting your property is birds that nest or sleep there.
  • You have an insect infestation that attracts birds to your property.
  • If you notice that there are a large number of droppings around your property, particularly on flat surfaces, then it is likely an infestation.
  • A foul odour is exhaling from your premises without emanating from food waste or other garbage materials.


Don’t delay when you discover bird infestation signs. You can find humane, eco-friendly bird pest control options with professional pest control companies.

As well as the health of your employees, ensure the integrity and hygiene of your property. Contact ASRS to schedule your free onsite inspection today.