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3D printed hoodies have gained a lot of popularity after the rise of sublimation because it is sublimation that has made it possible. Nowadays, you can see that a 3d hoodies manufacturer uses sublimation to create various 3d designs as per the client’s designs. In this article, we will first discuss what 3D printing is, then we will discuss where you can find a 3d hoodies manufacturer for your hoodies.


3D printed hoodies are standard hoodies, but they have 3D designs on them, and a 3d hoodies manufacturer uses sublimation to create such designs on the hoodies. Sublimation is one of the best printing methods because it has very high quality, and the printing does not peel off or fade even after years of washing. To create 3d printed hoodies, a 3d hoodies manufacturer uses polyester fleece or other polyester blends because polyester quickly absorbs the dyes, and you can create 3D designs on the hoodies.

The best part about using sublimation is that you can make gradient designs; the colors’ quality is very high, and the colors are vibrant. Some other techniques like screen printing limit you, but there is no limitation when it comes to sublimation. A¬†3d hoodies manufacturer¬†can make all kinds of designs for you, and you should always try to find a supplier that can help you with the design as well because you don’t want to spend extra money on a designer because they charge a lot.


If you love designing 3d hoodies and looking for a 3d hoodies manufacturer, then in the following paragraphs, we will explain how you can find a 3d hoodies manufacturer for your hoodies. Many hoodie suppliers do sublimation and provide sublimated hoodies, sweatshirts, and other products to their clients. But the question is where to find such a hoodie supplier and what we should keep in mind before ordering our hoodies.

We will explain various platforms where you can find a 3d hoodies manufacturer, and it’s upto you to go for the best supplier.

Alibaba Has A Lot Of Suppliers Of 3d Hoodies

Alibaba is a b2b marketplace, and if you are looking for a supplier of anything, you should check Alibaba. Alibaba is one of those platforms where suppliers go and make their profiles and list all of their products along with the relevant information of their company. There are also premium members on Alibaba who have paid for the subscriptions. You can go on Alibaba and start looking for a 3d hoodies manufacturer, and you will come across many suppliers.

Once you find suppliers, the next thing to do is check all their profiles. Once you check their profiles on Alibaba, you should check their website on google. You should go through their products and services and see what kind of content they have given there. You should also go on their social media channels and look for their posts. All of these things will help you identify the credibility of that 3d hoodies manufacturer.

The next thing is to put some of them on a shortlist and start talking to them. Always talk to multiple suppliers so you can know what they treat and what kind of services they provide. You should then send your designs to them, or if you have some pictures, you should send those pictures to them so that they can start making mockups for you. Ask them for the mockups, and then you can choose your final design.

Once you have chosen the final design, always ask for the samples and pay them for the samples because most will ask you to pay. Once you have the samples with you, you should check the quality of the hoodies. You can wash the hoodies to check the quality of the dye and if the hoodies have faded or not. You should feel the fabric for the softness as well. Sublimation is high quality, so a 3d hoodies manufacturer usually does not have to worry about quality issues. Once everything is okay, you can place your order at the 3d hoodies manufacturer.

Foursource Is Also A Good Place To Find A 3d Hoodies Manufacturer

Foursource is also a b2b platform like Alibaba, and it is a place where suppliers meet the clients, but it is different in that it only deals in the garments, unlike Alibaba. Foursource works a bit differently than Alibaba because, in Alibaba, you write your query, and many 3d hoodie manufacturers come in front of you, while in Foursource, you post your inquiry and then wait. Members on the Foursource will see your inquiry, start contacting you and send you their quotations.

Whenever you receive the quotation, the next phase is to start talking to the suppliers. A 3d hoodies manufacturer who has signed up on the Foursource has a complete showroom where they have mentioned all of the data relevant to their company and posted pictures, products, and services. You should check the showroom of a 3d hoodies manufacturer thoroughly.

Once you have checked the showroom, the next step is to check the website and social presence of a 3d hoodies manufacturer. It’s imperative to check the social presence of a 3d hoodies manufacturer because it will tell you a lot about a hoodies manufacturer’s reputation. Then you should compare the quotations, and the following process is the same as Alibaba, where you will ask for samples and check the samples thoroughly, and once the samples are okay, you can place your order.


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