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Rugged Laptop: Comparison between Panasonic and Getac Brands

When talking about rugged laptops, two brands lead the way, Panasonic with their Toughbook range and Getac.


Panasonic has forged a solid reputation in the rugged laptop market with its well-regarded ‘Toughbook’ laptops and tablets. Panasonic has spent at least 20 years developing and improving their range.

Getac, founded in 1989, have developed as leaders in the industry of rugged laptop in UAE. Thanks to their tough devices that offer solutions for professionals working in severe environments.

Getac remains separate from competition, and the reason is that a team of almost 250 full-time engineers working to find more reliable ways to deliver tough and portable devices for every industry.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-33:

Most people consider the Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 to be one of the best-rugged laptops in the world. It is a 2-1 in tablet and laptop, so you are able to either use it along with the keyboard or detach it to enjoy the portability of a fully rugged tablet.

It has an Intel Core i5-7300U Processor that is excellent for most business applications and provides good battery life. A magnesium alloy handled case provides even more protection and portability.

The large 12 inches display has daylight readability technology that makes the CF-33 amongst the best laptops on the market for screen brightness, with a maximum brightness of about 1,200 nits.

The touchscreen can be practiced in all-weather circumstances. Thanks to glove touch and rain touch capacities, making this one of the best laptops for massive outdoor use, even in bright sunlight or rain.


  • 256GB Solid State Drive
  • Lightweight 2.5kg
  • Ports and connectors protected by hinged covers
  • 8-megapixel rear camera
  • High quality, high res, bright display, one of the best available


  • More expensive than Getac B300
  • Small spacebar not ideal for fast typing
  • Some people claim the small track-bar is awkward to use

Getac B300:

Getac B300 is the Getac’s best-selling rugged laptop. It has an Intel Core i5-6200U Processor similar to the Panasonic Toughbook, but the Getac is a sixth-generation i5 Processor compared to the Toughbook 7th generation processor.

The B300 has a bigger display than the Toughbook (13.3 inches) and an impressive battery life (30 hours with two batteries). However, the screen is the lower resolution (XGA) and less bright, rated to about 700 Nits. It does have an option for the upgrade, so, for a price, you can order the B300 with a super bright and about 1,400 Nit display.

Getac B300 fits plenty of flexibility as it includes a media bay that can hold another optical drive, second hard disk, or second battery for increased operation. GPS antenna connection, Connectivity options are good with USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot, and an optional SIM card slot.

This device has incredible security features, including a fingerprint scanner, a smart card reader for more secure verification, and a Trusted Platform Module 2.0, technology that checks for signs of intrusion during system start-up.


  • Cheaper than the CF-33
  • Built-in media bay for increased options
  • Advanced security options
  • Most extended battery life in the industry


  • 500GB HDD storage (more storage than the CF-33 but unfortunately not an SSD)
  • More substantial and bulkier than Toughbook
  • Big screen but relatively low resolution

Rugged Mobile Devices: Panasonic Toughbook for Force

The Air Force has relied on rugged mobile devices for a long time, everything from maintaining aircraft in dusty and wet environments to shield air bases around the world. These missions, and nearly all others, need highly dependable state-of-the-art rugged mobile tools that give optimal connectivity.

As the Air Force remains to push the envelope with practicing more mobile technology in the field and on the front lines, the demand for even higher levels of innovation, durability, and integration capacities and assistance have become obvious. But at the essence is that same highly dependable rugged mobile technology that flight crews, Special Forces and troops on the ground have depend on for years. The panasonic toughbook cf 20 in UAE family of mobile devices proceeds to be a top choice for these next-generation requirements. Here are a few examples.

Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK):

The Android Tactical Assault Kit that is ATAK, poised to be the premier platform for conditional awareness and team coordination, is an excellent candidate for a denser rugged handheld or tablet. Users need a host of abilities in a portable, rugged, great performing mobile device that is practiced for taking and sending photos, viewing, and using maps and GPS for accessing and sharing data to collaborate in planning the mission. The TOUGHBOOK N1 handheld is a fix here.

Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPVs):

The Air Force is now on a mission to extend the use of Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPV). These pilot-less vehicles are incredibly versatile and invaluable in tracking predators, gathering intelligence, and conducting strategic airstrikes. RPV pilots and others engaged in these missions need specialized technology, commonly built around a rugged mobile device. For example, some have taken a TOUGHPAD FZ-M1 or FZ-G1 tablet to serve as a controller, integrated with other abilities, like handles or toggle switches, to customize it to their requirements. The outcome is a device that can be utilized to control RPVs in extreme weather and harsh field circumstances and still provide complete visualization and controller abilities.


While many have got the advantage of mobile technology in several areas of healthcare, there are occasions when a rugged mobile device gets more sense. For example, a clinic or field hospital maybe in a damp, extremely cold, or dusty environment, although patient care and reliable access to remote experts or records must be available. By utilizing a rugged two-in-one device, medics and para-rescue personnel can use the same tool to check patients in, perform triage, take notes, communicate with clinic or field hospital personnel, and access patients’ electronic medical records (EMR).


We know that the arm forces, especially Air Force and the other armed forces, need holistic, mission-critical solutions that work surely both on and off the battlefield. That’s why Panasonic is bound to offering highly secure, reliable, and configurable mobile computing tools and to working with the best technology co-workers to deliver the mobile solutions needed for Defense.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK goods are Air Force Network Approved, and we can load your current version of the most recent SDC (Standard Desktop Configuration).


Best Industrial Computer in UAE :

The manufacturing and industrial sectors are incredibly different. It comprises food processing, metal fabrication, and everything in between. The one thing every industry has, in general, is that the conditions they work in are hard, and wreak havoc on regular computers. Dust and other scraps damage internal parts. Extreme heat and cold, with varying moisture, can kill a computer promptly. Even something as simple as getting a place to install a tower can be complicated and produce a security risk.

That’s why companies in the industrial sector depend on industrial-grade computers. But what exactly sets an industrial-grade computer apart from a standard commercial-grade computer?

Military Grade Components:

Panasonic uses military-grade components in our industrial computing in UAE. These components are specially designed to be shock and vibration proof, withstand heat and moisture variants. They have a much higher MTBF (mean time between failure) than standard commercial-grade components.

Fanless Cooling Technology:

One of the common points of collapse for any computer is the cooling fan. Itis particularly right in industrial settings. Producing floors are filled with particulates in the air that get sucked up by fans and create appliance breakdown. Fanless industrial PCs use a mixture of heat sinks, low power consumption components, and fewer moving parts to decrease heat, allowing for fanless cooling.

Multiple Mounting Options:

Moreover, not only is space typically at a premium on most production floors but having towers on the ground and extra cords create a safety hazard. All of Panasonic’s industrial PCs can be VESA mounted applying 75/100 mm standards. Some of our computers are also dinned rail and rack-mount proficient, permitting you to place the computer where you require it without it getting in the way of workflow.

Types of Industrial Computers:

The industrial sector is so diverse; there is no such thing as a one dimension fits all hardware solution. While choosing a fanless industrial PC, it is essential to examine the application before deciding on the right hardware. Moreover, there are two different types of industrial-grade computers, as well as industrial tablets.

Fanless Mini-Rugged PCs:

Also identified as box PCs, these computers are compact and designed with rugged housings. Hiving din, rail, and VESA mount harmonious typically and can be mounted on anything from a forklift to an outdoor courtyard. Profoundly customizable, these units should have various legacy ports and expansion slots so they can be mixed into any device or application. Variable DC power also indicates that fanless mini-rugged computers can run off their power supply, or be powered by the equipment in which they have been integrated.

Industrial Panel PCs:

These are all-in-one computers built with industrial-grade and military-grade elements that serve any amount of industrial applications. Most regularly, industrial panel PCs are used as HMI (human-machine interface) or control panels for massive equipment. Featuring responsive touch displays, industrial panel PCs are ideal for three-dimensional rendering and CAD software applications. Extra features can be directly integrated into these devices, like RFID, to assist with inventory management and state control. Moreover, all of Cybernet’s panel PCs are IP65 rated, protecting them from dust and water ingress.


Are Ruggedized Tablets used for Air Force Logistics?

Ruggedized Tablets: Air Force Logistics

All departments of the military, including the Air Force, are utilizing purpose-built rugged tablets for fleet maintenance, helping to streamline processes, improve the workflows, and enhance productivity. These portable, high powered tablets have swiftly become a way to quickly and competently manage tasks from inventory reconciliation to the standard checks.

The advantages of the rugged tablets in UAE for plane maintenance include their capability for streamlining processes and workflows among the crewmembers and at the administrative levels. Common Access Card (CAC) readers make it easy for multiple members of any group to effectively use the tablet at their level of data access. Features like cameras, GNSS and GPS modules, and more allow for real-time data in various forms to be captured and sent to specialists for help in the field.

Tablets improve fleet maintenance and management by:

  • Giving facilitation of admin-based maintenance tasks for speed and efficiency.
  • It creates many layers of safety and redundancy for sensitive files.
  • Automating data collection, sorting, and retention for faster data interpretation.

All of these improved processes can give maintenance support across various fleets, including ships, tanks, trucks, and planes. Wireless tablets can be pushed into service to feed data from various points constantly, rendering an actual picture of the whole fleet and exact, real-time data concerning particular machines.

This can give Air Force maintenance crews with better connectivity and higher efficiency, with proven data capture and transmission methods and purpose-built ruggedized tablet deployment for increased productivity for the following tasks:

  • Technical maintenance management.
  • Warehouse inventory control.
  • Field testing, training, and data oversight.

While civilian use of ruggedized tablets has included swift adoption and innovation, the sensitivity and security of military information delayed full deployment of ruggedized tablets until experienced designer-manufacturers like Panasonic concentrated on military-grade feature advancement. Each rugged tablet is built to rigorous military specifications for stability and security protocols.

Maintenance and software in military aerospace are currently capable of taking benefits from this specification and customization. Touchscreen interfaces and long-life batteries with hot-swap capacity are present in the latest ruggedized systems, enabling flight-line preservation processes for military aircraft to be continuously digitized and improved. There are multiple benefits in the air and for reconnaissance, transport, and theater situations as well, with satellite communications (SATCOM) connectivity delivering situational awareness through mapping data, images, and videos.

Full utilization of ruggedized tablets for fleet maintenance and management in the Air Force brings the concept of a cyber-controlled military one step closer to fruition, guarding the lives of service members and making every process in the line of duty safer.


Panasonic Tablet Pc’s – Built To Go The Distance

Panasonic Tablet PCs offer a scope of highlights concentrated on explicit clients, every one of them marked piece of the Toughbook run. As the name recommends, the PCs are worked to endure unpleasant treatment by individuals that require versatile registering in light of the fact that they regularly turn out in the field.

All Toughbook models center around giving clear show in light and securing the most defenseless parts of a portable PC, to be specific, the hard circle, console and show board. All units in the range would all be able to take care of business when i.t comes to knocks, kicks and drops. They units fall into three gatherings; the Business Rugged, the Medical Rugged gathering and the All Rugged gathering.

Take the Business Rugged range for instance. It incorporates two models, the CF-C1 and the CF-51. The CF-C1 is highlighted as the lightest 12.1 inch convertible tablet PC accessible on the planet. It tips the scales at 1,470 grams (about 3.2 lbs) including one battery pack. Regardless of its daintiness, the unit is no weakling. It is intended to withstand a fluid spillages everywhere throughout the console, high free-fall drops onto a hard floor and even a substantial clumsy person venturing on top of it.

Accidental beverage spillages on a Business Rugged Toughbook model won’t hurt the mammoths. Units have a restrictive waste framework to secure the console, touchpad and other touchy segments from coincidental sprinkles and spills. A 170ml holder of fluid spilt onto the console depletes out through the channels, leaving the unit dry and safe. All hardware in the note pad stay utilitarian.

Drops and falls are a high likelihood occasion for versatile PCs. At the point when utilized in the field, they frequently incidentally get dropped or tumble from their resting surface. Yachtsmen, for instance, working at the route table of their pitching and moving yacht know the anguish of viewing their note pad slide from the table and collide with the floor. The hard drive is truly defenseless against stun from a fall. Business Rugged Toughbooks can endure, hard 76cm falls without supporting harm; specifically, the hard circle staying protected and working.

Business Rugged Toughbooks are encased by a strong magnesium case that is unbreakable. The case is outfitted with four stun permeable pads produced using a propelled material. Intended to ideally circulate pressure. This implies the units can withstand weight of up to 100kgs. The touchy LCD show and hard plate are sheltered from breakages or other harm. The hard circle is likewise kept from outer stuns or serious vibrations.

The Toughbooks accompany Microsoft Windows 7 32-piece working framework, 250 GB of hard plate memory and 2 GB of principle memory expandable up to 6 GB (DDR3 SDRAM (6 GB most extreme). The focal handling unit (CPU) is an Intel Core i5-520M vPro Processor (2.40 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.93 GHz).

Significantly, inside the scope of Panasonic Tablet in UAE PCs, the CF-C1 expends insignificant power, a significant thought for clients that movement to areas not associated with the fundamental power network. The unit devours just about 0.7 watts of intensity when the battery is released. In the event that the AC connector is associated with PC, greatest power draw from the power supply is just 0.3 watts.


Purchase A Cheap Acer Laptop Docking Station

Do you generally convey your laptop from your home and to your work regular? Don’t you think that its tiring? Is your birthday not far off?

In the event that your responses to these three inquiries are all indeed, at that point we propose that you give yourself an Acer Laptop Docking Station as a present.

Simply take a gander at it along these lines. On the off chance that you don’t have it, you would need to connect the peripherals throughout each and every day. At that point you would need to plug out those very peripherals all day every day too.

It can require some investment. Simply think – you would need to plug the scanner, the printer, the mouse, the console, the headset, and the mouse – and those are only the fundamentals. You’ll certainly need to accomplish something very similar with the other additional items.

You will think that its convenient. You can simply leave your laptop charger at work and afterward carry home the laptop with you. Simply plug it into your Acer Laptop Docking Station in UAE and it will charge naturally.

You can likewise plug your LCD, TV Tuner, and even your Ipod. Simply ensure that these are perfect.

There are arrangements of ports that can suit the various types of laptop. Ensure that the port that you have can go with the docking station that you have.

It has such huge numbers of ports that can enable you to utilize all peripherals from your old framework. You wouldn’t need to join these individually. That is another motivation behind why you ought to put resources into one in any case.

The ports extend from the sequential association and the HD association. The video out and the video in of the Acer Laptop Docking Station accompany system, modem, and earphone associations.

It makes it feasible for you to utilize these without agonizing over the wires stirring up to a great extent.

Different areas are for the receiver, console, and mouse. The FireWire should all be associated with the port of the Acer Laptop Docking Station.

The retailers ensure that the item runs differ based on what should be accomplished for the machine. Docking stations can likewise suit printers, projectors, TVs, telephone frameworks, screens, and iPods.


Why Use Rugged Tablets in an Industrial Setup

PCs are an imperative piece of our enterprises today. They take up exhausting and repetitive occupations and enable the human personality to unwind and do what it specializes in. The portable registering insurgency over the globe has brought about workforce that is constantly accessible regardless of their topographical areas. This has cleared a path for a substantially more compelling and productive workforce that approaches all the necessary data whenever they’re out of luck. A few employments like that of field officials, draftsmen and distribution center chiefs to give some examples has been made simpler, as it were, by portable figuring. On the off chance that you are hoping to purchase tablet PCs for your workers, you have to ensure that you know about what the market brings to the table. While versatile processing gadgets can do something amazing, they are likewise delicate and are effectively harmed. Considering the conditions in businesses, for example, stun and heat, the standard gadgets may not keep going long. Indeed, even on account of field specialists who need to go here and there, the unnecessary measures of movement can negatively affect the gadgets. In view of this, explicitly planned gadgets have hit the market that contemplate, the cruel conditions. The accompanying area of the article draws out a portion of the viewpoints that make these rough cell phones most appropriate for modern use.

Worked for the Outdoors

Mechanical PC makers understood that the greater part of these gadgets will be utilized in an open air setting and subsequently have fabricated the gadget to work splendidly in the outside condition. Daylight clear show, water verification and residue evidence are the characteristics that guarantee they function admirably outside. The workforce in the branch of overhauling, development, fixes and so on don’t get the chance to remain inside and these gadgets work incredible for them.


These mechanical getac rugged tablet in UAE accompany a solid but then light packaging that can shield them from tumbles from up to 5m. These housings can likewise ingest a gigantic measure of stun just as warmth. A workforce that continually needs to watch out for the processing gadget is clearly not the best one as far as profitability and consequently these rough PCs are most appropriate.

Financially savvy

While the underlying expense may be marginally higher than their customary partners, over some undefined time frame, you would spare a ton as far as maintained a strategic distance from fixes and substitutions. It is simply not a wise venture to gain gadgets that might be effectively harmed by the conditions present at the working environment.

The utilization of most recent innovation is the best way to guarantee that we are utilizing the accessible assets and subsequently every industry ought to think about this portable registering alternative.


Rugged Computers Offer Much Better Communication

Tough computer systems can be conveniently made use of in places with extreme temperatures and also rough problems. Such specialized items can be utilized in numerous industrial set ups, government offices, transportation and also telecommunication areas also.

These commercial computer systems are constructed to be more sturdy to hold up against rough handling as well as serious wear-tear. Among the types of these computer systems is rack-mountable industrial computer which can slot quickly in server shelfs. Such systems are designed to function under external variables and severe problems like dust, water, too much heat, temperature inflection etc. Parts used are correctly tried and examined to prevent problems pertaining to handling along with information storage. They are economical and can be bought conveniently. They are available for acquisition as well as can also be shipped (or supplied) making use of the on the internet manufacturer and also supplier websites for these systems.

These computer systems play an energetic function in keeping great communication with teams on the move in the military and other armed forces division. Such systems are vehicle-mounted, so communication needs can be satisfied on the go. Other emergency lorries like fire truck, air vessels and also helicopters are additionally embedded with sturdy computers for aiding in navigating, area recognition, path monitoring, and also coordination with geo-setting satellites.

Various civilian applications are also based on these computer system systems. They are made by considering water-tight as well as vibration-resistant elements therefore can be utilized on several building websites. Places like oil exploration and mining areas likewise preserve numerous jobs with them.

These computer system systems are different from the common computer systems in many methods. Even a tiny drop of water can hurt a computer system conveniently, whereas, Rugged Industrial Computers In UAE have the ability to encounter such conditions quickly. They can keep a lot of precious info in vast memory storage space. They are touch-screen LCD keeps track of with excellent resolution power. They come in handy and hence can conveniently be taken anywhere. Best thing about these computer systems is they have reduced maintenance cost.

Therefore, these computer systems have been useful in the communication industry. However the computer systems are additionally an integral part of the business process automation in the commercial market.