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Docking Station for Panasonic in UAE

Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpads are solely one aspect of the mobile work station. Highly mobile job codes such as public safety, warehouse management, refinery upkeep, etc. require a work station that is just as mobile. A Toughbook or Toughpad mounted and docked in a vehicle can provide convenience as well as mobility, thereby increasing productivity and decreasing downtime.

Panasonic Toughbook 30/31 Docking Station with Single RF, Automatic Lock

There is a wide range of Panasonic computing and laptop docking station in UAE solutions and peripheral accessories that perfect fit for every agency using their vehicle as a mobile workstation. Here are the best mounting stations at the industry’s most reliable platform for connecting peripherals, which will significantly improve productivity.

Locking Type: Automatic Lock

Automatically locks when the computer is docked. The lock must be unlocked with the key to release the handle and undock the computer. The lock is keyed alike.


It is about 4.50 lbs.


The dimensions of this docking station are 3.90” H x 12.40” W x 12.30” D.

Unique Features:

Most unique features are as under:
• Compatible with Panasonic Toughbook 30 & 31 computers
• Panasonic electronics
• Light-weight steel/composite design
• Interlock mechanism shields against connector damage & prevents engagement until properly mounted
• Floating dock connector for easy docking activation
• Forward-facing ports for low mounting capability
Simple, one-handed, docking mechanism:
• Pull side handle forward to dock
• Unlock the key button to release and unlock the computer
Side LED indicator light can be utilized to troubleshoot in the field:
• Green: All ports are ready to work
• Orange: USB and LAN ports not working or external power is not connected
• Red: PC is unsupported, or connection is not made done
• Red (Blinking): Error has happened in firmware, contact Panasonic Technical Support

Certificates & Testing:

1. Panasonic Toughbook Certified
2. Military Standard MIL-STD 810G

• Operational Vibration Method 514.6, Procedure 1
• Non-operational Vibration Method 514.6, Category 24
• Non-operational Vibration (Sinusoidal) – 10‐200Hz Sine Sweep
• Non-operational Mechanical Shock safety Method 516.6, Procedure 1, 3 positive and three negative pulses each axis
• Shock Crash Hazard, SAE J1455, 20G, 135 ms.
• EMC Testing, EN 55022 (CISPR 22), EN 50498

3. Cycle Testing Non-operational, 10,000 cycles of the docking connector, latching and locking mechanisms
4. CE, FCC, RoHS compliant

Port Replicators:

• Serial (2) D-sub – 9 pin
• Single Antenna Pass-Through TNC
• Ethernet (2)
• USB 2.0 (5) – 4 pin
• External video D-sub – 15 pin
• Headphones/speakers Stereo phono jack
• Microphone Mono phono jack


• Three-year limited warranty (docking connector, printed circuit board)
• Limited lifetime warranty for all non-electronic components (sheet metal)
• Optional 4 and 5 years extended warranty available
• Integrated 120W LIND power supply kit (Item No. 7160-0496). Upgrade non-powered docks.
• External 120W LIND power supply (Item No. 14103)
• Lind low-profile adjustable shutdown timer (Item No. 13792)
• Screen Support (Item No. 7160-0501)
• LED light assembly (Item No. 7160-0096)
• Trunk shelf mounting plate (Item No. 7160-0398)


Purchase A Cheap Acer Laptop Docking Station

Do you generally convey your laptop from your home and to your work regular? Don’t you think that its tiring? Is your birthday not far off?

In the event that your responses to these three inquiries are all indeed, at that point we propose that you give yourself an Acer Laptop Docking Station as a present.

Simply take a gander at it along these lines. On the off chance that you don’t have it, you would need to connect the peripherals throughout each and every day. At that point you would need to plug out those very peripherals all day every day too.

It can require some investment. Simply think – you would need to plug the scanner, the printer, the mouse, the console, the headset, and the mouse – and those are only the fundamentals. You’ll certainly need to accomplish something very similar with the other additional items.

You will think that its convenient. You can simply leave your laptop charger at work and afterward carry home the laptop with you. Simply plug it into your Acer Laptop Docking Station in UAE and it will charge naturally.

You can likewise plug your LCD, TV Tuner, and even your Ipod. Simply ensure that these are perfect.

There are arrangements of ports that can suit the various types of laptop. Ensure that the port that you have can go with the docking station that you have.

It has such huge numbers of ports that can enable you to utilize all peripherals from your old framework. You wouldn’t need to join these individually. That is another motivation behind why you ought to put resources into one in any case.

The ports extend from the sequential association and the HD association. The video out and the video in of the Acer Laptop Docking Station accompany system, modem, and earphone associations.

It makes it feasible for you to utilize these without agonizing over the wires stirring up to a great extent.

Different areas are for the receiver, console, and mouse. The FireWire should all be associated with the port of the Acer Laptop Docking Station.

The retailers ensure that the item runs differ based on what should be accomplished for the machine. Docking stations can likewise suit printers, projectors, TVs, telephone frameworks, screens, and iPods.